Based on over 400 CT knee scans, the Oxford Fixed Lateral Partial Knee was designed for optimal coverage of the lateral compartment.

  • Flat articulation allows soft tissues to guide the femoral component during flexion and extension
  • Twin Peg Femoral Component; additional peg enhances rotational stability
  • Same femoral component as the Oxford Partial Knee, which has over 35 years of clinical experience


The Oxford Fixed Lateral uses the Oxford Microplasty Instrumentation platform, which is proven to facilitate a reproducible and accurate technique.1

  • IM Adaptor: allows the Oxford Microplasty femoral drill guide to be linked to the IM rod using the Microplasty IM link. The adaptor flexes the femoral component 5 degrees.
  • EM Adaptor: attaches to the Microplasty femoral drill guide and gives surgeons the option of an extramedually alignment technique
  • Spherical mills: The low profile design allows the mills to fit easier into the lateral compartment
  1. Hurst JM et al. Radiographic Comparison of Mobile- Bearing Partial Knee Single-Peg versus Twin-Peg Design. The Journal of Arthroplasty. Available online since October 2014