Modern Cementing Technique

Modern Cementing Technique is a documented and clinically proven procedure.1

The objective of Modern Cementing Technique is to optimize the cement quality and the interfaces between Implant-Cement and Cement-Bone for optimal implant fixation and long-term implant survival.

Zimmer Biomet’s comprehensive assortment of bone cements, products for mixing and delivery, pressurization and bone bed preparation, is one of the most complete portfolios for Modern Cementing Technique in the market today.

Wide Product Range of Bone Cement for Different Applications

Zimmer Biomet has been developing bone cement for decades and is today providing a wide variety of bone cements, with and without antibiotics, with excellent handling properties for the treatment of bone and soft tissue diseases.

Mixing Systems Designed for Improving Bone Cement Quality and Working Environment

Zimmer Biomet’s mixing systems are designed to efficiently mix bone cement in closed vacuum setups to reduce porosity2,3 of the mixed cement and to lower monomer fume exposure.

For more information on the Zimmer Biomet bone cements, mixing systems as well as to use our online cement stopwatch please visit:

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