Training and education can make a huge impact in reducing revision rates. The 2011 Swedish Knee Arthroplasty Register (SKAR) found "increased training of surgeons showed improved results leading to continued use."

We make it easy for you to become an Oxford PKR Trained Surgeon, through our ongoing lifetime education programme delivered by a strong faculty of experienced surgeons.

Oxford Partial Knee Advanced Instructional Courses

  • This course is required by the FDA before a surgeon can implant an Oxford Partial Knee in the US and recommended worldwide
  • Discusses the indications, contraindications and surgical technique of the Oxford Partial Knee
  • Provides the opportunity to practice hands-on training of the technique utilising sawbones
  • Available across the world

Oxford Master Classes

  • Designed for more experienced users of the Oxford PKR to discuss experiences and develop skills with peers
  • Classes are available locally throughout the year often in the local language