Gender Solutions® Patello-Femoral Joint System

The Gender Solutions PFJ System is designed to address the anatomical differences among men and women with a reproducible instrumentation platform, aiming to simplify patello-femoral arthroplasty (PFA).

Compared to total knee arthroplasty:

  • PFA is associated with shorter postoperative rehabilitation1
  • PFA is associated with better knee kinematics in the sagittal plane because of the preservation of the tibiofemoral articulation, menisci, ACL and other supporting ligaments1
  • PFA patients showed better functionality, less blood loss and greater return to activity2

The Gender Solutions PFJ System features:

  • Increased Trochlear Groove Angle*
  • Modified, Thinner Anterior Flange*
  • Proprietary Guided Milling System

The PFJ Prosthesis is compatible with Gender Solutions Natural-Knee® Flex, and NexGen® Standard All-Polyethylene, Porous, or Augmentation Patellae.

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  2. Dahm, D.L. et al. Patellofemoral Arthroplasty Versus Total Knee Arthroplasty in Patients with Isolated Patellofemoral Osteoarthritis. The American Journal of Orthopedics. 39(10): 487-491, 2010.


*Features only included in sizes 1-4 of the Gender Solutions PFJ system and are in comparison to the standard NexGen femoral components