Clinical Paper Review: Oxford Domed Lateral Knee Shown to Provide Superior Functional Outcomes over Total Knee Replacement


A recent study by Walker, T. et al 1 has compared the clinical outcomes of Oxford Domed Lateral knee patients with matched total knee arthroplasty (TKA) patients treated for isolated osteoarthritis (OA) in the lateral compartment.

The authors matched 22 pairs of knees on age, gender and body mass index (BMI), with the study demonstrating that Oxford Domed Lateral knee patients had:

  • Significantly higher post-operative Oxford Knee Score (OKS)* (PKR 34-48 vs TKR 21-47)
  • Significantly higher range of Motion (ROM) scores* (PKR 90-145 vs TKR 65-130)

Two-year survivorship was 96% for the Oxford Domed Lateral knee patients, with a bearing swap being the only revision performed, while the TKA patients had 100% survivorship over the same period. There was no significant difference in post-operative pain level.


The authors concluded that "The functional results of mobile-bearing UKR for isolated osteoarthritis in the lateral compartment compare favourably to those after cruciate-retaining TKR in the short term. To compare survival and complications after both procedures, longer-term follow-up is necessary."

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* Compared to TKA patients

  1. Walker, T. et al. Total versus unicompartmental knee replacement for isolated lateral osteoarthritis: a matched-pairs study. The Bone & Joint Journal 2014; 96-B:896-901.